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Have you ever wondered:


What if

it’s not good enough?

What if

they don’t like me?

What if

they don’t like my ideas?

Buckle up, because you’re about to become a Presentation Daredevil.

I help professionals transform their fears in order to deliver presentations with daredevil freedom.

Why It Matters to You

As a certified World Class Speaking coach and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Trainer, I use both technologies to leave you with a new model of breakthrough performance in presentations that allows you to feel totally free when presenting!

Whether you present virtually or in person and want access to freedom that allows you to fully be yourself and move people to your call to action, I can help.


I was an educator at illustrious international schools teaching high school drama and English Literature. I decided to hone my presentation, teaching and training skills by getting coached by world champions of public speaking.


I earned my World Class Speaking Coaching certification from a former World Champion of Public Speaking, as well as my Neuro-Linguistic Programming certification from the American Board of NLP.


On my first day of 10th grade English my teacher, Mr. Fleisig, spent an entire class talking to us about the word “integrity.” He was so captivating and full of conviction, unlike any other teacher I’d witnessed. Add to that the fact that he was also my drama teacher, who taught us to be bold and daring on stage, and you have a mixture of ingredients that would transform this once insecure 15-year old kid into a man who loves helping others develop their speaking skills to achieve their goals.


9 years ago, when I took on what most people find terrifying — public speaking — I realized that I find it exhilarating! But all these fancy titles and certifications are meaningless if I’m not helping other people develop their speaking skills to reach their goals.

That’s why I’m proud to have worked with speakers, trainers, coaches, not to mention, leaders of multinational companies such as Pfizer, Siemens, United and Lufthansa Airlines, as well as, Save the Children, and other national companies in Asia and the Middle East to help them maximize their presentation performance.

I’ve coached people from the US to the UK and the Middle East to Southeast Asia. Now, I coach people online and deliver in-person and virtual trainings to business professionals.


In 1997, I left the bustling city of New York, my hometown, yearning for an adventure of global proportions. I climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro (well, some of it), the Himalayas (well, some of it), and Mount Everest, (well none of it, but I did fly by it and took photos of the top of the mountain on a trip to Nepal). I also lived in a city in the Middle East that was under hostile takeover with militia soldiers on the streets,

So, standing in front of a room full of people or a computer screen — well, not so scary!


When I’m not teaching people public speaking/presentation skills online or in person, you can find me dining with my wife Dania at cool restaurants in Taiwan, playing with my dog Pups at the park and mastering my magic tricks with my cards at home. I also love inhaling books and YouTube videos, long layovers at foreign airports, and any silly pun. And I mean any!

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