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Schedule your free 20-minute Presentation Daredevil session. It really is free. No flames or juggling required.

I’m going to share some speaking secrets with you:

      • You don’t need to be born a speaker
      • You don’t need to be experienced
      • You don’t need to be an extrovert
      • You don’t need to be fearless

Do you have a digital or live presentation coming up that makes you nervous?

Are you looking for a speaker to help you inspire and motivate your team for their upcoming presentations?

Are you looking to accelerate your teams’ ability to present in a way that creates buy-in?

And are you ready to speak with a feeling of freedom and conviction?

It’s time to become a Presentation Daredevil. Here’s how…

One-on-One Coaching

We’ll work together to bridge the gap between how you currently present and the type of presenter you want to become, as well as outline your speaking challenges and goals.

How it works

Do the stars align?
We have a consultation call to discuss your needs and goals
Sign on the dotted line:
Yes! we’ve partnered
Let’s do the work:
We meet weekly for a coaching call
Constant support:
We stay connected via email or text between meetings

By the end of our sessions, you’ll leave with:

  • A presentation daredevil mindset that you can use for all future presentations
  • A presentation you’ll feel proud of and ready to deliver
  • A set of speaking tools used by world champions of public speaking
  • The freedom to be you during your presentation
  • The ability to speak about your product/service/idea with daredevil conviction
  • And much more…

“Robert is truly an expert in public speaking! He’s not only very knowledgeable, but also energetic and fun to work with. I’d highly recommend him to any business leaders who need help in giving speeches with impact and heightened self-confidence.”

Chief Financial Officer, Siemens

Team Training

Does your team lose business to other companies with poorer solutions because they lack experience and confidence when presenting? Are you looking to amp up your team’s presentation ability and win more business?

Of course you are! 

Maybe it’s cohesion. Maybe it’s presence. Maybe each person has a different challenge.

Whatever the struggle, we’ll work together
(virtually or on-site) to:

  • Create group security, trust, and fun
  • Learn World Class Speaking Tools and practice in front of other team members
  • Create and own the presentations using the tools you’ve learned
  • Deliver a breakthrough presentation performance with daredevil conviction to a supportive audience selected by you

Here’s what your team will be able to do even better:

  • Transform fear into freedom when presenting
  • Speak with conviction, not just confidence
  • Develop a greater team spirit when presenting
  • Turn prospects into clients
  • Build massive rapport with audiences
  • Get people to heed your Call to Action
  • And much more…

“Robert provided our team with communication skills training - so critical in our intersection of NGO/social enterprise/F&B in a multi-cultural context. The team that participated gained new skills...and realized the purpose of communication is collaboration. Robert is professional, engaged and knowledgeable.”

Board of Directors/ Director/ Co-Founder of YangonBakehouse
Yangon, Myanmar

Speaking Engagements

In a world of possibly one billion presenters — if not more — how do you make your presentation memorable, engaging, and inviting? The good news is that it’s not as challenging as you think  because most presenters do the same expected things, which create no behavioral change in audiences or reason to take the action you desire them to take. That’s why my talks offer you the mindset and tools that help you to stand out from becoming “most presenters” and instead become a Presentation Daredevil!

Book me for your next meeting or conference and I promise
you an experience, not just a speech!

  • How to keep your audiences hooked
  • How to ensure your PowerPoint isn’t your ultimate point
  • How to get your audience to act on your message, not just listen to it

Client Testimonials

“Robert is not only an amazing coach, but one of the most attentive, influential and inspiring persons I have ever met. He is so committed to his job that he goes above and beyond to ensure other people's success. He is incredibly funny, authentic and creative. He found time everyday to follow up with me to ensure that I was working towards my goals. I highly recommend Robert to anyone who is ready to commit and looking for a professional and experienced coach.”

Body Language Trainer Social Skills Master
London, England

“Robert coaches me and helps me to improve as a public speaker in a very comfortable way. He builds on my natural way of being and my characteristics. He coaches me on being myself onstage instead of putting on a performance. In other words, he never tries to change my personality or originality, building upon, instead, my own charisma. I strongly recommend Robert Iyer to anyone seeking a coach, trainer, or speaker.”

CEO of Ever-Integrity Trading Co., Ltd, Taiwan
Kaohsiung, Taiwan

“I enjoyed Robert’s public speaking class so I asked him to give me feedback on the YouTube program I co-host: Taiwan Insider. He was so encouraging and gave me great tips on how to connect better with viewers. Highly recommend Robert’s expertise!”

Taiwan Insider – News Reporter
Taipei, Taiwan

Schedule your free 20-minute Presentation Daredevil session. It really is free. No flames or juggling required.

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